Point Of Use Water Coolers

Tropic Water Filtered Point of Use Water Coolers

  • Self-Sanitizing Bottleless Filtered Water Coolers
  • Great tasting water
  • No heavy bottles to store or lift
  • Plans starting at $41.95 per month
  • For Commercial accounts only
Point of Use water cooler systems starting at $41.95 per month.  

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Inspirations ib215 Cooler | Tropic Water
Inspirations ib15 Cooler

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BluV Point of Use Water Cooler | TropicWater
WL270 Cooler with UV

Spec Sheet

WL350 Cooler with Firewall

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 WL250 Cooler with UV
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Systems starting at $41.95 per month – Bulk and Commercial Rates Available!


3M Submicron Filter
Tropic Water 1500nofaucet_1 Filtration SUB-MICRON CARBON FILTRATION
  • Unlimited daily supply
  • Zero waste water filtration
  • Proven 3M technology
  • Perfect for areas with low TDS or Surface Water
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3M Reverse Osmosis
Tropic Water CMTRO-75 Point of Use System GREAT TASTING RO WATER
  • Proven sanitary quick change technology
  • 25 – 75 GPD systems available
  • Recommended for areas with TDS higher than 150 ppm or Ground Water
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Bulk and Commercial Rates Available!


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