Tropic Water Lahaina Plant

January 22, 2014 –

Tropic Water is truly a Maui company.  Maui owned and operated since 2009.

Tropic Water operates Maui’s only bottled water plant.  Everyday Tropic Water bottles delicious ultra-pure drinking water for delivery to West Maui, Central Maui, South Maui and Paia.

Tropic Water is sourced from Maui Department of Water Supply in Lahaina.  Once the water arrives at Tropic Water’s facility, it goes through a Seven Stage process.

Tropic Water Seven Stage Process: 1. Ultraviolet Disinfection – ensures that the water is biologically safe, 2.   Sediment Filtration – removes larger particles visible to the eye, 3.  Carbon Filtration – removes chlorine and pesticides that may be present, 4. Reverse Osmosis Membranes – Purifies the water on a microscopic level, 5.  Ozone Reactor – Mixes the water with Oxygen rich Ozone, 6.  Carbon Block Filtration – For great taste, 7.  Ozone Injection – Guarantees fresh tasting and safe bottled water

This process occurs every day in Tropic Water’s controlled environment bottling plant.  To assure Tropic Water quality, the water is tested daily on an on-going basis by in-house plant operators and by third party laboratories that are certified by the State of Hawaii. Recent biological tests results are available here.  Be sure to tell your friends to choose Maui’s best bottled water delivery service.